Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Feature Films for Families


I watched this VHS at my aunt's house growing up as a kid. I think it may have come in the mail? I don't know. I am just laughing at how many values are packed into such a small package! I mean can an hour and a half film really contain this many life lessons. Oh yes the ButterCream Gang can.

This product promotes the following values:
Belief, Caring, Character, Charity, Commitment, Communication, Compromise, Cooperation, Courage, Determination, Education, Empathy, Fairness, Faith, Family Unity, FOrgiveness, Friendship, Generosity, Goals, Gratitude, Hard work, Healing, Helping others, Heritage, Heroism, Honesty, Honor, Hope Humor, Imagination, Importance of being our brother's keeper, Ingenuity, Inspiration, Integrity, Judging Others, Kindness, Kindness to Animals, Leadership, Learning, Learning that the end does not always justify the , Letting go of the past and rediscovering cultural , Looking beyond appearances, Love, Loyalty, Making good decisions, Marriage, Obedience, Optimism, Perseverance, Persistence, Personal Growth, Priorities, Problem-solving, Protecting endangered species, respect, Responsibility, Sacrifice, Self-confidence, Self-reliance, Selflessness, Sensitivity, Service, Sharing, Survival, Teamwork, Tolerance, Tradition, Trust Unity, Work. (Actually from the company that sells the movie)

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Tara said...

This makes me laugh so hard because this was one of my favorite movies as a kid! I had completely forgotten about it though so Thank You for bringing the Buttercream Gang back into my life!!!