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SXSW Toby's LIST part 1

First track on the menu. I've heard of JAMES BLAKE, but not "heard" him. This is a track posted by some peeps I met at  VICE party that run a blog called BLAH BLAH BLAH SCIENCE. They are all Harvard grads and much smarter than I. VICE was launching some music website called NOISEY that is full of documentary / live performances from many cities. They follow the "up and comings". It was some partnership with Dell and Intel that could be good? It seemed very similar to what MTV just launched a few days ago, our site is called MTV HIVE. Check both sites out and let me know which you like better. Oh yea, so here is a great track they (the harvard peeps) posted from James Blake. Checks it.

Earlier in the week I caught this band, TWIN SHADOW. Everyone is bloggn bout em. Buzz Buzz Buzz. I actually saw them in a church venue here at SXSW. Strange. Actually, a really smelly church. Toward the end of the set I started nodding off, not because of the music, but because it was 1:50 a.m. and I was calm, in a dark place, and I had a slow pulse. Had to get out and go back to the hotel to hydrate, and sleep. Which I did.

YUCK. Everyone's talking about this band too. They were featured in many showcases. I caught them at Club De Ville on Tuesday night before sprinting across town to catch a ride. The two songs I saw I was really pleased with.

Sighting....My first night of the venue I saw Jack White wearing all black walking towards me. I was running back to our post house we rented called BEAST and I stopped dead in my tracks and proclaimed "WOW". And then he just kept walking. I turned around to the people behind me and gave them some body language saying, "Do you think that's really?" and they replied with their own body language, "Yep, we think it really is". Which was enough for me. Cool. So then I just kept walking back to catch the ride, rode home, bed.

Here is a live performance he gave earlier in the day in front of his moble THIRD MAN RECORDS truck he had out here at SXSW. He covers Buddy Holly - "Not Fade Away". Love it. Wish I coulda known about it. Here it is....

Monday, January 3, 2011

VHS conversion to DIGITAL obsession

     Let's get digital people! So over the Christmas break, I got very obsessed with converting VHS tapes to DVD. Then converting those DVDs to quicktimes and posting my favorite segments on YouTube. I then took those YouTube links and have been posting them on facebook for friends and family to view. (Did you follow that process?)  
     Yea, I should be working on my reel as I haven't updated that since 2008, but I am having a blast connecting with my more innocent little self. I don't feel that I have the best memory in the world so this is like regaining my memory again and keeping this collection online for me to view at any moment. Thanks for all the videotaping dad and grandpa! We were annoyed in our teenage years, but you knew we'd love this one day. You were right!!
     Most of the videos I've posted are unlisted which means they aren't searchable from the YouTube site. They are only available if you have the link. Some of the videos I've listed as public because they don't really deal with me personally and I think others would get a kick out of watching them.

Here are a few of my favorites I've posted recently. Enjoy!!!

Riding the Dr. Pepper go kart I won at Sonic! So much fun...Until it died.

Sliding down the snow mountain my dad would build us every year. How cool!? Right?

Plane my grandpa John Boylan built which he later dedicated to Mid-America Air Museum in Liberal, KS.

The last clip is my family and friends visiting Seven Falls outside of Denver, CO. I remember how fascinated I was by these chipmunks. They were probably he most overfed chipmunks in Colorado, along with the goldfish in the entrance. At the end of the clip we're just hanging around our pop-up campers eating flapjacks with our friends. Great times. At night, I remember falling asleep to the stream that was like 15 feet from our pop-up.

If you or any of your friends are interested in converting their library of VHS tapes, I would suggest doing some prep work (viewing a lot of it) then sending the most important videos you want converted it to a company. It will save you loads of time, and they can transfer it to almost any format you want, DVD or hard drive. The hard drive function would allow you to re-export portions of the quicktimes for youtube (this is a fairly easy process). Here is the company-

Saturday, January 1, 2011

First Live STREAM DJ event for DJTobstar

     So some of ya'll know I've been known to DJ here and there. I might be at your house party and I'll just grab your iPod mini jack and I kidnap your stereo. I really enjoy playing and sharing music with my friends. Luckily, most of my friends have similar tastes in music so this aggressiveness to hijack the music for the night hopefully comes with mild agitation. Last night my friend Liz asked me to DJ a New Years Eve get together among our mutual friends. It was a blast. I spent a solid 10 hours scouring my blogs, the hype machine, iTunes, and other sources to find the crux of my music choices for the night. I think we all had a blast. 
     Earlier that same New Years Eve day I spent prepping my tracks to input into my iPod / iDJ2 rig that I spin with and I thought, "Hey, I should USTREAM a video show of me sampling my tracks and see if anyone watches".
     It was a cool experiment. I didn't get thousands of viewers, just 5 (at my peak), but it was a really great time and I think I'll do it again. The first portion of the USTREAM I just have the camera set up on my "set up". Then as that got a little boring, I focused the camera on the screen and started pulling up random YouTube video clips I've been uploading lately. Clips involving VHS tapes I converted of my Grandpa Boylan parachuting, Grandpa B flying his plane, and other fun stuff. Anywho, I definitely think I'll do it again. It was a blast. Thanks to everyone who checked in on it. I'll do more prep for the next show, and it will possibly have a theme.

Check out DJTobstar's first USTREAM show here-

Monday, September 13, 2010


I guess all I did when I was a kid was eat sugar, play video games, and watch movies. I mean, what else was there to do in Southwest Kansas? I borrowed most of these images from another blog, they are user submitted pictures and I don't own the copyright to anything. I just own my memories.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Belvedere Vodka - A Day In the Life Projects

Digi Digi Productions recently teamed up with 13th Witness and Sky Gellatly of Team Epiphany to bring you a A Day In the Life series with Dan Black and DJ RUSKO. The following videos were shot at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago. These videos give you a sense of the energy generated during the performances at these festivals. The beautiful Grant Park backdrop and Chicago skyline gave us the perfect canvas to tell these two stories. Enjoy...

Dir:  Tim McGurr (13th Witness)
Edit: Toby Leddy
Prod: Sky Gellatly