Monday, March 30, 2009

White Lies and Friendly Fires

So I interviewed Friendly Fires last Friday. I'm sure they were a little tired
and cranky, so I'll give them a pass. They also had just played a show the night before, and were playing again that night. Overall, they were pretty good on camera, but I did feel the lead singer Ed Macfarlane was a little rude with me when I asked a similar question twice. He acted annoyed they had to repeat their answers (even though I got a better answer the second time I asked the question). I do think their music is very impressive. They said they were impressed, and a little nervous, that James Murphy was at their show the previous night before. 

White Lies were a more gracious during the interview. They were nice, but maybe I was looking 
for a little more energy? I guess only punk bands like All Time Low come in and talk about blow up dolls and strippers. Not that I'm looking for people to talk about that, just, it would be more interesting. Are all UK bands a little too serious about their work?

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