Monday, June 1, 2009


So the big question, was it staged? I will say I do believe it was. Most of the reports coming out now with close sources are saying that it was. The night of the production, most of our higher ups were telling us they believed it was staged. I helped produce the online segments that are streaming on MTV.COM. And this famous image you are seeing everywhere??

Yep, I took that screen grab. It is kind of funny because this was my first year to work on the Movie Awards. Our team leaders had us run through our roles many many times "Just in case" something came up. Well, I was supposed to have an easy edit, no stress. But then the Bruno Eminem clip fell right in my lap and we had to drop the audio on the F bomb, that actually aired, and get the clip out fast. So needless to say, it was a pretty intense night, but everything came out alright. So in conclusion, I have to say Eminem was a pretty big sport to allow this to happen to him, and he sold the prank very well. I mean, yes it will help him on the publicity of his new album, but in the end, he still had Bruno's nards in his face. Here is a shot from behind the scenes in the encoding room @ MTV.

Here is the clip, one more time, for people living in caves who may have missed it.

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