Wednesday, November 25, 2009


MTV did a TRUE LIFE on the JERSEY SHORE which was so successful they decided to make a spin-off series called 'JERSEY SHORE'. If you haven't seen the news reports yet, its causing a huge uproar among Italian-American groups. They actually throw PC to the wind and use the term "Guido" in the show. I was telling some of my friends a while back I really wanted to do a feature length documentary on the subculture of the (self proclaimed) "Guido". Oh well, lets hope they do it right. From the promo it looks like REAL WORLD meets JERSEY SHORE. If you haven't seen the promo check it here-

I love how the "resolution" music kicks in a 1/2 of the way through and you hear the audio bites of "family is very important to me" (Way to keep it wholesome MTV). Now if I only new someone who worked at MTV who could let me see the first episode before it airs Dec. 3rd. Oh WAIT? :)

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