Thursday, February 18, 2010


So my buddies Barry Flanagan and Dax Martinez-Vargas (who I never get to see, cause we're both so damn busy) just killed it with their latest SNIPER TWINS video. I remember Barry telling me a while back that they were working with Hershey on some viral ideas. Barry and Dax have been doing video sketch / hip hop / comedy work from waaaayyy back. Maybe even high school. Well anyways, this is their latest they dropped. I really hope it blows up because its their best work in my opinion to date. I also am a huge fan of their last record "Computer Friends". Check out the latest - "Chocolate Shoppe" by Sniper Twins feat. Rob Collier. ENJOY!

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Barry Flanagan said...

You're the man! You know that right? You are the only blog that picked us up this time around, so THANK YOU for sticking with us through thick and thin:)