Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I usually get on this blog. Bloggin it up and away with the hottest and coolest new band I can find.
Today, I'm going to post a band I think that sucks. I just am tired of these bands that come through and I don't really feel like they're giving me anything new. Its so bland and plain and makes me totally uninspired. Its not that I dislike this band personally, I've actually met them and interviewed them.

They are nice kids, its just such a recycled and boring sound and I really wish we as a music community can set our standards higher. In fact, I feel like there are TOO MANY bands out there. Keeping up with the hottest and best new band is EXHAUSTING. Not going to lie, I'm part of this monster, but there need to be lines people. Lines in the sand. Ok, I'm done.

Update- Damn, I just watched this and they gave a ton of bowling references, which in my opinion immediately makes them as people so much cooler. Just not in to their music and that's ok.

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