Thursday, October 30, 2008

BOOK IT! Going away??

The single most motivating factor of my youth. Read a book, get a personal pan pizza for free. Its so genius. Well, apparently the program might be going away because of rising obesity rates in the U.S. NOOOOO!!!!! To many slimers lurching around. I salute you Pizza Hut on a successful program. Then again, when I grew up, we ate fast food once every couple of weeks. So a free personal pan pizza here and there was a great motivator. Maybe we could all just start practicing moderation.

Critics Want to Can Pizza Hut's Book it Program
Since 1985, schools all over the country have participated in Pizza Hut's Book It program. After children read a certain about of books, they get free Pizza Hut pizza. Critics are now saying this program needs to go. But why?
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Girly girl said...

funny i didn't remember the rainbow in this logo. does this make the program gay?

also, i love that you have a tag called awesome.

duderone said...

right? must be a play off of the reading rainbow logo? not sure.

Alexis Neal said...

omg! i loved this program!