Saturday, January 1, 2011

First Live STREAM DJ event for DJTobstar

     So some of ya'll know I've been known to DJ here and there. I might be at your house party and I'll just grab your iPod mini jack and I kidnap your stereo. I really enjoy playing and sharing music with my friends. Luckily, most of my friends have similar tastes in music so this aggressiveness to hijack the music for the night hopefully comes with mild agitation. Last night my friend Liz asked me to DJ a New Years Eve get together among our mutual friends. It was a blast. I spent a solid 10 hours scouring my blogs, the hype machine, iTunes, and other sources to find the crux of my music choices for the night. I think we all had a blast. 
     Earlier that same New Years Eve day I spent prepping my tracks to input into my iPod / iDJ2 rig that I spin with and I thought, "Hey, I should USTREAM a video show of me sampling my tracks and see if anyone watches".
     It was a cool experiment. I didn't get thousands of viewers, just 5 (at my peak), but it was a really great time and I think I'll do it again. The first portion of the USTREAM I just have the camera set up on my "set up". Then as that got a little boring, I focused the camera on the screen and started pulling up random YouTube video clips I've been uploading lately. Clips involving VHS tapes I converted of my Grandpa Boylan parachuting, Grandpa B flying his plane, and other fun stuff. Anywho, I definitely think I'll do it again. It was a blast. Thanks to everyone who checked in on it. I'll do more prep for the next show, and it will possibly have a theme.

Check out DJTobstar's first USTREAM show here-

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