Friday, November 28, 2008

Your Next Camera-

Happy Black Friday Peepoles-
This is my vote for your next camera. So your Canon Powershot Digital Elf has a crack and the buttons are sticky, or your Sony Cyber-shot camera doesn't zoom very far when you go on your nature hikes. This is your next camera. Priced from $430-$500, this camera is the perfect camera for a user who wants to move away from point and click to real photography. It has the point and click capabilities to beat every consumer camera on the market, and the manual controls to teach you how to start shooting like a REAL photographer. I have the G9, and my wife has become the real photographer of the family, she loves it. Get after it shoppers.

Amazon $434.00 and up
Circuit City    $499.00
Best Buy $474.00 (with free 2 GB memory card and free shipping)
Dell $450.00

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